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Belgium is a country in Western Europe that shares its borders with France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. With a population of 11.5 million, it is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Brussels is the largest city and the capital of Belgium. Antwerp, the most populous city in Belgium, has always been economically and culturally important in the Low Countries. The city of Antwerp is known for its diamond industry. Other popular cities of Belgium are Ghent, Charleroi, Bruges, and Leuven. Foreigners who plan on establishing residence in Belgium choose one of these cities as their home.

Belgium has good foreign relations with almost every country. The country has embassies in various states including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, South Africa, and China mainland including Hong Kong. It is also accredited to New Zealand by its embassy in Australia.

The Languages of Belgium:

Multiple languages are spoken in the Western European country known as Belgium. The majority of the Belgian population is bilingual. There are three official languages in Belgium, French, German, and Dutch. Various minority languages are also spoken throughout the country including Walloon, Luxembourgish, and Yiddish. Foreign languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, and Portuguese are also spoken in Belgium.

Translations into English are often needed by Belgian citizens. Without translations into English, they cannot move to another country or get admission to a foreign university. Various private English language schools are promoting the use of English in the younger generations. The situation of linguistic diversity is different in every city. A city with more foreign immigrants will have more linguistic diversity.

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Also known as Belgian Dutch, Flemish is the most spoken language in Belgium. It is the native language in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. Flemish is a dialect cluster, where the greater the distance between two varieties, the bigger the differences between them. Flemish is also slightly different from the Dutch language that is spoken in the Netherlands. However, Dutch and standard Flemish are mutually intelligible to a certain degree.

Belgian French:

One-third of the Belgian population speaks Belgian French as their native language. The language is not that different from the French that is spoken in France and Switzerland. But in Belgium, it has been influenced by regional languages like Walloon and Picard. Slang words and cultural influences have also made the Belgian French different from the vernacular of France. The most prominent feature of the Belgian French is that it uses terms that are considered archaic in France.


The third official language of Belgium is German. It does not have a lot of native speakers in Belgium but is spoken by 22% of the population as their second language. The language is spoken in the region which used to be a part of the German Empire. The strong German influence is what has kept the language alive in Belgium even today.

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The Need for English Translations:

You can go anywhere in the world from Saudi Arabia to South Africa and Hong Kong to the Czech Republic and you will find English speakers there. Even in countries where English does not enjoy the official status, it is spoken by some percentage of the population. As a result, translations into English have become very important for every industry. Translation schools and translation studies have become more popular in the past few years.

Whether you want to do business in the United States or one of the European countries, you will need a complete translation of your documents. Your product advertisements must be translated into English to connect with your audience. The native language of a country is indeed very important. For instance, to connect with the people of the Netherlands, you will need translations into Dutch. However, you can’t run an international business without having your documents and website translated into English.

There is a translation process for these translations. With such translations, you can target all the English-speaking population of the world whether they live in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, or the United States. And the best way to succeed in business is to target a wide range of audiences and be better than local products.


How to Translate Belgian into English?

If you want to study in the United Kingdom or the United States but your documents are in any of the Belgian languages, you will have to get them translated. English is the official language in 54 countries including Antigua and Barbuda, Pakistan, Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, and Trinidad and Tobago. It is also the de facto official language in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. So, there aren’t that many countries in the world you can visit without the help of English translations. However, you can’t just get the translations of your documents from anyone. You can’t turn to Google or your bilingual friend for help. To get accurate Belgium to English translations, you will have to find a native language expert.

English is spoken in so many countries, which is why it has many varieties. A person from Hong Kong will speak English differently than someone from South Africa. As a result, it is important to choose the right native expert if you want to get accurate translations. It is also important to keep in mind that you can’t handle translations on your own. If you want the visa or immigration authorities in the United States or the United Kingdom to accept your application, then you must submit accurate translations of your documents with it.

However, there is no need to panic or stress over this. Regardless of the city, you live in, you can easily find a good translator online. Then you can forward your documents to them and they will send you the translations once they are complete. Even if you live in a country where English is not spoken by the majority like the Republic of Korea, China mainland, El Salvador, or Saudi Arabia, you can easily find a linguistic expert with the help of the internet.

You won’t even have to go into the city to find a language expert. You just have to find the right agency and they will make sure you can get translations of Flemish and French from native speakers. Check out the reviews of a company to learn about the client experience. It will help you in finding the right service provider.

It is better to avoid freelancers when you need help with official documents. There are only a few successful Upwork stories. But even if you go to Upwork to find a freelancer, you can’t be certain that they will charge you fairly and offer quality solutions.

What to know more about traveling around Belgium?

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can count on English to help you connect with the natives. In Belgium, despite the popularity of German, French, and the Flemish language, English is still spoken by 38% of the population. You can easily find English speakers in major cities of the country. Within the Flemish community, 53% of people know English. English is increasingly becoming more popular in the Brussels Capital Region.

There are a lot of options for tourists in Antwerp. They can visit historic buildings or see the port of Antwerp, the second biggest port in Europe. Various fashion designers can also be found in Antwerp. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts is also in Antwerp which has made the city more popular among the students of fashion.

The city of Ghent started as a settlement and ended up becoming one of the richest cities of northern Europe in the 13th century. The city of Bruges is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture. The city is also home to various museums, amusement parks, studio halls, and cinemas. There is no shortage of popular destinations in Belgium for tourists.

Where to work in Belgium?

Job success in any country will depend on your skills and qualifications. Whether you are coming to Belgium from New Zealand or Saudi Arabia, you must have the skills that the Belgian population needs. You can decide to work in the City of Antwerp or choose Brussels as your destination but you should do market research first. There are plenty of teaching jobs in Belgium, especially for English teachers. Various private English language schools require the services of native teachers.

You can also join higher education institutes. The University of Ghent offers a Ph.D. in linguistics. The University of Antwerp also offers language courses that many students benefit from. The University in the City of Antwerp is famous all over western Europe. If you are from the United States, you will be able to get a job as an English professor easily.

But the job success will depend on how hard you are willing to work for it. It is also important to learn about living expenses in the city you want to settle down in. The city of Antwerp is quite popular among foreign workers but it can also be an expensive place to live in. But if you can find a good job in Antwerp, you won’t have to worry about taking care of your daily expenses.

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Is English to Belgium translation using google translate reliable?

Since Dutch, French, and German are spoken in Belgium, Google translate is great for them. You can use it for English to Dutch translation and you’ll get the best results. The same will happen for French and German. However, for a complex translation like those needed while immigration and other legal purposes, it’s best to go with someone who has the right qualification in translation studies or even better, go with a translation company instead.

If you need English to Belgium Dutch translation, you can use a linguistic translation service from the online translation market, meaning a Dutch translation service online. A professional company that can translate from the English language version into the Dutch language version without changing the original Belgian context.

Checkpoints when requesting a company to translate English to Belgian flemish?

Make sure the translators understand the Belgian context.

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They must have native translators who are fluent in Belgian Flemish.

Translators should have done courses in translation.

They must possess adequate knowledge about the translation market.

They should know how to translate problematic items when dealing with a complex translation. For instance, if you need an English to Belgian Flemish translation for medical purposes, the clinical investigators will need to know everything about the text and its meanings. The translator might even have to translate an additional file for more references.

If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us



Is there a Flemish translator? ›

SYSTRAN Flemish translation software is dependable and used by millions of people worldwide. SYSTRAN relies on accurate linguistics and specialized rich dictionaries built into the software to deliver the best Flemish translation quality.

How can I translate text from an image? ›

Translate text in images
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app .
  2. Choose the language you want to translate to and from. From: Choose a language or tap Detect language . ...
  3. On the app home screen, tap Camera . To translate text from an image you've already captured: tap All Images .

How can I translate English? ›

Translation Tips and Tricks
  1. Be Concise. Remember that machine translation is a computer process that prefers common words and phrases. ...
  2. Write clearly and formally. ...
  3. Avoid Ambiguity. ...
  4. Always check spelling and grammar. ...
  5. Include appropriate accents. ...
  6. Be aware of Punctuation Pitfalls. ...
  7. Do not leave words out.

Is there an app that will automatically translate? ›

If you're looking for one of the most popular translation apps for Android and Apple, then iTranslate is the best choice for you. The app has over 100 languages that it can translate, and you even have the option to switch dialects.

How do I get Google to translate automatically? ›

Manage "always translate" language list
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .
  2. To the right of the address bar, tap More. ...
  3. Tap Languages. ...
  4. Tap Automatically translate these languages.
  5. To add a language, tap Add language and select the language to always translate.

Are Dutch and Flemish the same? ›

Is there a difference between Dutch and Flemish? In theory, there is none. There is no such thing as the Flemish language or dialect, and there is no one overall dialect spoken in Belgium, or the Netherlands. Like German, Dutch is a dialect-continuum.

Are Belgian and Flemish the same? ›

After all, Flemish is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as the “Dutch language spoken in Northern Belgium”. So, the terms 'Flemish' and 'Belgian Dutch' actually refer to the same language.

What is hello in Flemish? ›

Most people in Belgium speak French, with a small portion of the Belgian population speaking Dutch (Flemish). Hello: Salut. Pronounced: Sal oo. Goodbye: Au revoir. Pronounced: Oh ruh vwar.

Can I take a picture of a language and translate? ›

Translate text in images

In the Translate app, you can translate text from images on your phone and text you find through your camera. Choose the language you want to translate to and from. From: Choose a language or tap Detect language.

Can I take a picture and translate it? ›

Google Translate

Available for Android and iPhone users, and free! You can translate text in images instantly in 94 languages simply by pointing your camera.

Can Google translate a screenshot? ›

Google Lens can now automatically translate texts in screenshots for devices running Android 11 or above. According to 9To5Google, users can now take a screenshot of a foreign language and let Google Lens do the translation without any intermediate step.

What are 5 tips to translate correctly? ›

Keep reading to learn 7 essential tips for translating your materials to and from English.
  • Keep Thoughts Brief. ...
  • Set a Standard Vocabulary. ...
  • Skip the Jokes. ...
  • Understand Language and Cultural Differences. ...
  • Make it Active. ...
  • Get Your Dates Right. ...
  • Check Your Spacing. ...
  • Putting To and From English Tips to Work.

What is the best way to translate? ›

Google Translate

Select the source language and target language and upload your document. Click on “Translate.” Google will give you back a translated document.

How do you tap to translate? ›

Turn Tap to Translate on or off
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app .
  2. At the top right, tap Menu Settings .
  3. Tap Tap to Translate. Enable. For Android 10 and up: Tap Paste . For Pixel 6 and up: To get quick translations, you can turn on Show floating icon.

How do I turn on automatic translation? ›

Turn translation on or off for a specific language
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
  4. Click Languages. Language.
  5. Next to the language you'd like to use, click More . ...
  6. Turn Offer to translate pages in this language on or off.

Is there a free voice translator? ›

SayHi is dubbed as the “voice translator for everyone” and can be used for formal and informal speech. This is one of the most popular translation apps and it's free for iOS and Android. It has made the rounds in major traditional and online media such as the NBC Today Show, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo.

Why is Google not automatically translating? ›

Enable Translate Prompts

Expand the Advanced section to the left side of the Settings panel, and then click Languages. Next, click Language under Languages (right-side of the window) to reveal additional options. Ensure that the switch next to 'Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read' is set to on.

Where is the Google Translate button? ›

Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to translate it to your language. Or, to translate the entire page you're visiting, click the translate icon on the browser toolbar. Learn more about Google Translate at

What is the best automatic translator? ›

5 best machine translation software options in the market
  1. Google Translate. Google Translate needs no introduction, being probably the most well-known machine translation software out there. ...
  2. DeepL Translator. ...
  3. Bing Microsoft Translator. ...
  4. SYSTRAN Translate. ...
  5. Amazon Translate.
12 Jan 2022

What is I love you in Belgium? ›

Explanation: You asked a translation in Flemish, or 'Belgian Dutch', in Belgium we say 'ik zie je graag', and not 'ik hou van jou', the latter is more used in the Netherlands.

What race are Flemish? ›

The Flemish or Flemings (Dutch: Vlamingen [ˈvlaːmɪŋə(n)] ( listen)) are a Germanic ethnic group native to Flanders, Belgium, who speak Dutch. Flemish people make up the majority of Belgians, at about 60%.

Is Belgium mostly Dutch or French? ›

Belgium is home to two main linguistic communities: the Dutch-speaking Flemish Community, which constitutes about 60 percent of the population, and the French-speaking Community, which constitutes about 40 percent of the population.

What race are Belgian? ›

Belgians are made up of two main linguistic and ethnic groups; the Dutch-speakers (called the Flemish) and the French-speakers (mostly Walloons), as well as a third tiny but constitutionally recognized group from two small German-speaking areas.

What do you call a Belgium person? ›

Walloon, members of the two predominant cultural and linguistic groups of modern Belgium. The Flemings, who constitute more than half of the Belgian population, speak Dutch (sometimes called Netherlandic), or Belgian Dutch (also called Flemish by English-speakers), and live mainly in the north and west.…

Is Belgian closer to French or German? ›

The French spoken in Belgium is largely similar to that spoken in France, though there are distinct differences in vocabulary and pronunciation, just as there are between Flemish Dutch and Standard Dutch.

What is the Belgium word for love? ›

Lief means sweet in Dutch, but in Flemish, is it also used as 'loved one', to refer to a romantic partner. It is a derivative of the Dutch word for love, liefde. Lieve is a common female name in Flanders, meaning 'dear', while Lieven is a typical Flemish male given name.

How do Belgium greet people? ›

A brief handshake is the common greeting among people who do not know each other. Once a relationship is developed, three kisses on the cheek may replace the handshake. This is more a kissing of the air near the person's cheek. Start with the left cheek and alternate.

What is the easiest language to learn? ›

15 of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers - ranked
  • Frisian. Frisian is thought to be one of the languages most closely related to English, and therefore also the easiest for English-speakers to pick up. ...
  • Dutch. ...
  • Norwegian. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • Portuguese. ...
  • Italian. ...
  • French. ...
  • Swedish.
24 Oct 2021

What is the best free photo translator? ›

1. Microsoft Translator. Microsoft Translator is a free translation application that supports over sixty languages for online and offline use. The app for iOS and Android can be used for translating text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots.

Can I use my phone as a translator? ›

Whether you're reading a foreign menu, asking for directions, listening to a lecture or trying to converse with a native, that help is as close as your smartphone. The Google Translate app has been available for Android devices and the iPhone for about a dozen years now.

How do I scan a picture and translate it to my iPhone? ›

Translate text in images
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Translate app .
  2. Choose the language that you want to translate to and from. ...
  3. Under the text box, tap Camera .
  4. You can choose to translate text from an image on your phone, or from text that you find through your camera.

Is there an app that uses your camera to translate? ›

The Google Translate app has one of the best camera translators because instead of needing to take or upload a picture, you can get text translated in real-time.

Can iPhone camera translate images? ›

Open the Photos app and select a photo, or select an image online. Touch and hold a word and move the grab points to adjust the selection. Tap Translate. You may need to tap Continue, then choose a language to translate in, or tap Change Language.

Is there an app that translates everything on your screen? ›

Google Translate works from any app inside on your Android phone. You just have to tap, and you'll be able to translate any text while on the go.

What is the best screen translator? ›

The best translation apps for Android
  • BK Translate app.
  • Dict Box.
  • Dictionary Linguee.
  • Google Translate.
27 Jan 2022

Can you scan and translate? ›

The Google Translate mobile can scan printed words and translate them into other languages. Once you download Translate from the App Store or Play Store, select your language preferences, then tap the Camera icon. Just align the words in your camera viewfinder and highlight the text you want to translate.

What is the hardest thing to translate? ›

Interestingly, the hardest word in the world to translate is Ilunga. This word belongs to the Luba-Kasai or Tshiluba language, which is spoken by more than 6 million speakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How can I practice translating? ›

One great way to practice translation is to choose a piece of text that interest you, translate it, and then input the translation into Google Translate. This will create what is called a “back translation”. Many translation agencies use this process to check for accuracy of their translation.

What is the best free offline translator? ›

Top 10 Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS
  1. Google Translate – The best translation app. ...
  2. Microsoft Translator – Heavily improved translation app. ...
  3. Apple Translate – Best translator app for iPhones. ...
  4. TripLingo – Translation app built for travelers. ...
  5. iTranslate Translator. ...
  6. Translate Now – Translator.
14 Dec 2021

What is the most popular translator? ›

Top 10 online translators 2021
  • Google Translate.
  • Collins Dictionary Translator.
  • Bing Microsoft Translator.
  • ImTranslator.
  • Babylon Translator.
  • DeepL Translator.
  • Microsoft Translator for Windows 10.
  • Translatedict.

Is there a better translation app than Google Translate? ›

DeepL is one of the best Google Translate alternatives for people who really value accuracy, especially when it comes to grasping context and local idioms. DeepL offers an API that you can use to automatically translate your website, as well as a web interface and apps to translate text content or text files (like .

Is Google Translate app free? ›

The app is free, so all you need to do is install the Google Translate app and you are good to go. Google Translate app download for iOS and Android.

How do I turn on translate on my iPhone? ›

Note: Translation is available for supported languages.
Download languages to translate when you don't have an internet connection or when On-Device Mode is turned on.
  1. Go to Settings > Translate.
  2. Tap Downloaded Languages, then tap. ...
  3. Turn On-Device Mode on.

How do you use Google Translate beatbox? ›

Making Google Translate Beatbox for You

Just open up Google Translate and copy/paste the text below. Now, if you hover over the mic on the translate side, you should see the word "Beatbox." This is an old Easter egg that some developers decided to toss in and it's pretty boss.

How do I make Google Translate float? ›

Turn Tap to Translate on or off
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app .
  2. At the top right, tap Menu Settings .
  3. Tap Tap to Translate. Enable. For Android 10 and up: Tap Paste . For Pixel 6 and up: To get quick translations, you can turn on Show floating icon.

What is the best way to translate text? ›

Simply highlight some text on your phone and hit the Copy button to place it on your device's clipboard. Once that's done, tap the floating Google Translate bubble to instantly see a translation for the text you copied.

Is there a translate button? ›

Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to translate it to your language. Or, to translate the entire page you're visiting, click the translate icon on the browser toolbar. Learn more about Google Translate at

Is Google Translate a free button? ›

Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text from one language into another.

How do I ask Siri to beatbox? ›

Drop the beat

If you want to take vocal duties on yourself, then Siri can act as a beatbox to accompany your efforts. Simply ask it to 'Give me a beat' and you'll be surprised by what emerges.

Can you hum beatbox? ›

You'll also be able to hum. Now, while letting out a long outward hum, use your hands to push your cheeks in. You'll squeeze air out through your lips causing a sound. This is the foundation on which you can hum while beatboxing.

What is the translation rule formula? ›

Mapping Rule A mapping rule has the following form (x,y) → (x−7,y+5) and tells you that the x and y coordinates are translated to x−7 and y+5. Translation A translation is an example of a transformation that moves each point of a shape the same distance and in the same direction. Translations are also known as slides.

Can Google lens translate languages? ›

You can translate words to your preferred language using the Camera app. Learn how to use Google Lens to get information about your surroundings. Camera from Google is only available on Android devices. At the bottom, tap Translate.

Can iPhone automatically translate? ›

In the Translate app , you can translate text, voice, and conversations between any of the supported languages. You can download languages to translate entirely on a device, even without an internet connection. Note: Translation is available for supported languages. See the iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability website.

How do I turn on live translate? ›

Turn on Live Translate
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap System. Live Translate.
  3. Turn on Use Live Translate. By default, Live Translate will be on.
  4. Optional: To set a new default target language: Tap Translate to. Select a language. Tap Select Language.
  5. Optional: Add more source languages: Tap Add a language. Select a language.


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