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If you are using your iPhone for everything, you will want to know if you can figure out the room temperature with it, which means knowing what your phone can and can’t do.

However, if you purchase the right sensor or temperature system for your house, you can easily see the temperature at any given time. This will also be a simple way to adjust the temperature as needed if you aren’t at home.

If this is how you want to keep an eye on what each room is at in terms of warmth, you need to have the right devices ready. The more you know about this, the easier it will be to decide which options to choose.

So keep reading on to learn more about the top devices you can use to measure the room temperature using your iPhone with our comprehensive guide.

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Does the iPhone Have a Thermometer?

The first question you might have is whether or not your iPhone would have a separate thermometer.

Unfortunately, the answer would be no, it doesn’t have an external thermometer, but it does have one for the phone’s interior. This will let you know how warm your phone is, but it won’t help you determine the air temperature around you.

However, you can change this by installing an application and placing a small device in your home to see the temperature in specific rooms and areas.

Then, if you can pair the mobile device with the right sensor, you can easily get the alerts on your phone for your chosen settings. This would allow you to make the adjustments easily, and you would know how much you might spend on your utility bills.

Is There a Room Temperature App for iPhone?

If you want to make your iPhone into a thermometer or thermostat, then the first thing you need to look at and download are some room-temperature applications.

There is a wide array that you would be able to use, and this would quickly transform your current iPhone, of any model, into a thermometer. It would help to consider what these applications can do for you before installing them.

You must consider if the applications you can download would require a sensor and, if so, how big it would be.

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This is vital, and you would need to know the limitations and how you will get the notifications for the latest information regarding the temperature.

The more you know, the easier it will be to decide which application and device would suit your needs.

Best Devices to Measure Room Temperature With Your iPhone

You must know the best devices you can buy to help you measure the room air temperature using your iPhone. These would come with devices you would set out somewhere in the room and get the readings on your iPhone.

This will be one of the top ways to easily transform your mobile device into a thermostat.

Here are a few of the top models that you should ensure that you are checking out, including:

1. Best Overall: SensorPush Wireless Thermometer and HygrometerHow to Measure a Room’s Temperature With Your iPhone | IndoorBreathing (1)

If you want something you can put anywhere, this one will be ideal since the sensor is small. This one has a range of around 325 feet, which means no matter where you are in your home, you can get updates about the temperature.

It needs to be set up on your mobile device to access the application, which can be iPhone or Android-based.

This device is a light blue with green accents, and it will be small enough to fit in any corner. It works over Bluetooth, but you can purchase a separate wi-fi-based gateway to get your alerts.

The application is straightforward to read and can be set up for different rooms to look at what is happening.

Alerts can be customized so you can know when the temperature has gotten too high or low, and you can also use the information to help you calculate your utility bill later.


  • It can be used and set up for different areas of the home.
  • Compact sensors
  • Lightweight
  • Ability to see the temperature as graphs for the day
  • Shows temperature as well as humidity


  • Requires calibration before it can be used
  • No Siri, Alexa, or other smart pairing assistant interface
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Nobody will notice if you want something lightweight and easy to place somewhere; this is the model for you.

2. Runner Up: Mini Wireless Temperature and Humidity SensorHow to Measure a Room’s Temperature With Your iPhone | IndoorBreathing (2)

This might be the ideal model for you if you aren’t interested in getting the best, but just something that will work great. The sensor is tiny and black, so it won’t stick out when you place it in your office or any other room.

In addition, you can get alerts on your phone for any areas where you place this if the temperature goes above or below the desired limitations.

It has a complete history, so you would be able to go back and scroll to see the home’s average temperatures.

If you don’t mind dark settings in the application, this one will be great to use, and you can see the humidity and temperatures as graphs for the hour, days, month, and even year.

You would also be able to download the history if you want to see more, and it can be opened in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. This is great for closed spaces like your gun safe, wine cellar, medicine cabinet, pet cages, and more where the temperature is vital.

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  • Long history
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for pet cages
  • History can be downloaded


  • Sometimes it doesn’t work if walls or appliances are in the way.


No matter what, this is the perfect model to check out if you want something that will be easy to use and lightweight.

3. Best Budget Option: Govee Indoor Hygrometer ThermometerHow to Measure a Room’s Temperature With Your iPhone | IndoorBreathing (3)

This is the right model for those who don’t have a large budget but want to use their iPhone to see the current temperature readings.

It has a large display; more accurate information would be sent to your phone, and you can easily read it. The display will tell you the current temperature and humidity levels, and the large size makes it easy to read.

This thermometer will allow you to save the data for around 20 days before it is erased and the storage starts over again, making it easier to see what the readings were before.

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You can also download around 2 years’ worth of data if you want to see it on your computer, especially if you hope to compare temperature data.

You can easily set the alarms you want for the temperatures, easily connecting a few devices to this application. This model will be the perfect option if you hope to use the LCD screen and your phone simultaneously.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to read screen
  • Lightweight
  • It can be used with the LCD screen and your mobile device


  • Larger in size
  • You can’t turn off the GPS if you want it to connect to your phone.


This is the ideal model for you to check out for those who don’t have a major issue with a larger device or even an additional screen.

Final Thoughts

You must pick the right device to help you monitor and measure any room temperature in your home.

It would help if you considered the various available models that fit your needs, including the size, usage, and price. Then, you can pick and choose from many options, which can all connect to your phone, so you get notifications.

You will want to look at the device’s size, how easily it connects to your phone, and how it does. The more you know, the simpler it will be for you to choose one of these devices to use in your home.

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So go ahead and check out these options to find the one that best suits your requirements.


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